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Helicopter List

Will the TLCHelilift handle your helicopter?

TheTLC Helilift is universal across many makes and models of skid-mounted helicopters.

The following list is not comprehensive, but serves to give an idea of the versatility of our product. No reconfiguration of the TLC Helilift is required between any of the following aircraft.

With the use of an additional, removable lifting adaptor, this range can be increased to include the Bell 212 and 412

All of the helicopters listed here are skid-mounted ( high or low ) and without floats.

The TLC Helilift is currently handling a number of helicopters equipped with floats/flotation systems,therefore, if you have a specific handling requirement involving floats, or any other piece of equipment fitted to your helicopter, please contact TLC Handling Limited with your details.

EC 135


Squirrel 350/355

Robinson R44

Bo 105 & BK117


Hughes 500

MD 500

Notar MD 520 / MD 600 / MD 900 Series

Bell Long Ranger, Bell 407 / 430

Please get in touch if your helicopter is not listed above

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